Mathematics education

Overview on Degree Programs in Mathematics Education

June 9th, 2017

Are you one of those who are looking to make career as a mathematics teacher? If your answer is yes then there various options to become mathematics tutor. Either you can follow an education degree at the master’s or bachelor’s degree level and have your regular education training in math, or you may even earn a math degree at different levels and then have training with the necessary coursework. Nevertheless, if you are already a mathematics teacher and looking forward to advancing your career then selecting a degree program in mathematics can be the best option. These days many colleges and universities in the United States are offering mathematics education programs that may further help you improve your individual proficiency.

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Only A Major Paradigm Shift In Societal Expectation Can Save Mathematics Education In This Country

June 2nd, 2017

A Paradigm shift is a major change from one way of thinking to another. A revolution. A metamorphosis driven by agents of change. Thomas Kuhn said “awareness is prerequisite to all acceptable changes of theory.” It would seem that the necessary awareness already exists when report after report shows the sorry state of mathematics education in this country. The recent release of Harvard’s latest report shows that the US ranks 31st of 56 countries, and only 6% of our high school students take higher level math courses. Another statistic which actually explains the other two is the fact that the failure rate of 1st year Algebra in the country is 50%, and this statistic has stayed consistent of at least four decades. How much more awareness is needed?

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The Current State of Mathematics Education In This Country – Caution! You May Not Want To Know This

May 25th, 2017

You probably already know that the current state of mathematics education in this country is very bad. What you may not know is exactly how bad. Harvard recently released to the news media the results of a study about mathematics. Their findings: (1) the US currently ranks 31st out of 56 countries, and (2) only 6% of our high school students take higher level math courses. Another statistic you may not have heard (except from me) is that the failure rate for first year Algebra students is a deplorable 50%. That statistic has direct bearing on the Harvard results; and, as if these statistics aren’t bad enough, you need to understand that the 50% failure rate was true in 1972 when I started teaching and it is still true today. Doesn’t this just make you want to shout “Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?”

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